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Tiger Lifting manufacture and provide the full range of Tiger Hoisting products globally, including the Tiger Subsea Lifting range. The Tiger brand of manual lifting products has been manufactured for 50 years and has proven track record and and an enviable reputation for suppliying high quality products into a varied cross section of demanding industries.

Offer innovation, quality, value and the highest standards of service. Products meet or exceed all international standards, serving all spheres of industry in the world. A reputation built on providing quality, safe, stable products to meet the highest industrial standards ensures you can have complete faith that tiger will deliver time and again.

SS12 Subsea Chain Block.

Unrivalled corrossion protection.
Range : 500kg - 30000kg
Fully corrosion protected body and components over 1000 hours continues protection
Corrosion protected load and hand chain
Marine specific friction discs
Double cover protection for brake chamber
Stainless steel fixings and fasteners
Guaranteed %2 light load protection.

SS11 Subsea Lever Hoist.

The original & proven subsea lever hoist constantly -
develeped and improved.
Range : 800kg - 20000kg
*NEW* Patented Twin Cam shaped pawl design
Unique dual brake mechanism
One piece construction pinion gears
No requirement for preload tension to activate the ratchet mechanism
Lifts, holds and lowers the load at 2% of rated capacity so no light load failures

TCB Chain Block.

The classic heavy duty light weight chain block
Range : 500kg - 30000kg
Double cover protection for brake chamber
Guaranteed 2% light load protectionand prooftested
to 1.5 times rated capacity
Overload protection available
Tested and certified for fleeting and cross hauling application
Twin pawl mechanical brake.
Minimal overhaul effort.

Spark Resistant Products.

Catagory II - high safety - Certification : Ex II 2 GD c IIC IIIC T4
Manufactured in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Developed for the use in potentially explosive
atmosphere (ATEX zones)
We can supply chain blocks, lever hoists, trolleys and combination block and trolley units
Different capacities and heights of lift to suit your specific requirements
Available with stainless steel load chain.

TLH Lever Hoist.

Lightweight, compact and rugged.
Range : 250kg - 10000kg
*NEW* overload protection available
One piece construction pinion gears
Easy single-hand *freewheeling* operations
Guaranteed light load protection
Drop forged & heat treated alloy hook
Safe reliable twin pawl mechanical brake
360 degree handle rotation
Individual spares available

PROLH Lever Hoist.

The professionals choice incorporating our patented cam
pawl design
Range : 800kg - 20000kg
Equipped with our unique dual brake mechanism
*NEW* overload protection available
One piece construction pinion gears
Adaptable to use both inverted and horizontally
New twin pawl ratchet brake design allow for every fine adjustments on the lifting handle
Operating temperature range of -400 C to +500 C

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